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HawK-9 Wildlife Control

Wildlife Management through Falconry and K-9 Presence

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HawK-9 Wildlife Control is a company that utilizes the art of Falconry and K-9 presence to help alleviate areas of geese, pigeons and starlings. Our team is comprised of professionals with real field experience in rural areas to city parks. We strive to leave every area we patrol better than when we arrived. Please give us a call today and see what us and our trained animal partners can do for you!

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Common Problems

Image by Pedro da Silva
Image by J Williams

Canada Goose

From aggression towards patrons and employees to over population with copious amounts of feces, these beautiful birds can be a handful if not managed properly.


The invasive little black birds that wows us with their synchronized flights in the sky. These little birds can clear out a vineyard or be devastating to your cash crops. Learn how we can move them out in a few short weeks and how we keep them out.


The bird that seems to find all the wrong places to call home. Pigeons can find themselves in your factory or production facilities and start to call it home if you're not careful. Learn how we get rid of these pest tenants through an evection notice they truly understand!

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