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The Team

Team: Team Members

Adam McGuire

Owner/Falconer/K9 Handler

Adam began his falconry in 2016 after completing his time in the U.S. Army Reserves. Since then he has helped create a raptor education center and has raised falcons and owls for the center. He currently is flying at least a Red Tailed Hawk or Coopers Hawk every year for his personal falconry season.

Shane Hofer

K9 Handler

Shane has been avid dog person his whole life and loves working with different breeds to learn as much as he can. His favorite breed is the Irish Wolfhound. Shane will be training some of the new dogs that are to come to the team shortly.

Mark Wilkie

K9 Handler

Mark was an educator and a principal for many years and now in his retirement, he's enjoying running his border collie Ace on geese.

K-9s and Falcons 



Saker Falcon

Saker Falcons are the second largest species of falcon in the world. We use our saker falcon to clear out large areas of avian pest such as pigeons and starlings.



Lanner Falcon

Lanner Falcons are native to the Mediterranean and sub-Saharan Africa. Our Lanner falcon can be used in tight spots to help move out avian pest like starlings and pigeons.



German Shepard

Spock is who we use to move geese out of parks and other recreational areas. He has a lot of experience dealing and working around other dogs, patrons and city areas. Spock was once slotted to be a K9 for a local police force but he was ultimately let go before a year old. He needed a home and more importantly a job. He now has a job that never has a Monday; chasing geese.



Border Collie

Ace is the personal dog of Mark. He is used to working around horses and around the farm at home. He has great attitude and loves to chase geese out of the area. Border Collie's are a natural herding dog, so they make short work of the geese in just about any area you put them in.

Team: Team
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